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A small family hamlet

A place passed down through the generations, conserving the traditions and memories of the past



Chiarene, unhabited for a long time, was originally the home of our grandparents, our great grandparents and great great grandparents.  Frozen in time, it depicted the hard work and resilience of those working the land.

This hamlet tells our story and has a poetry of its own.  It’s a quiet, unassuming, beautiful place to stay, which celebrates the artisanship of the past, whilst embracing the new.


It has been very important for us to showcase this to our guests.

During the restoration, we took huge care to respect the environment and the views, whilst bringing this dormant hamlet back to life.


Relais Chiarene is just outside Novello, a small village in the hills, with a vibrant community.  Novello forms part of the landscape of the vineyards of Langhe Roero and Monferrato, which are known for the production of Barolo, Dolcetto and Barbara wines.  However, it has its own unique wine, Nas-Cetta, a crisp white wine.

As you enter Novello, you’ll pass through a medieval arch attached to the Church of ‘San Michele Arcangelo’, built at the end of the 17th century.

Built in the same period, is the Church of ‘Confraternita di San Giovanni’, with its magnificent Baroque facade.

Overlooking Novello, is the castle, built on the rocks, in the 1880s, in a neo-gothic style.


Nothing splendid has ever been achieved, except by those who dared to believe that something inside themselves was superior to circumstances.

Bruce Barton, American, 1886 to 1967

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